Frequently asked questions

> How is my heartbeat detected?

Each chair has a vibration sensor attached to its frame, which uses an ultra-sensitive accelerometer to detect microscopic movements caused by the blood pulsing through your body. From this data, the sensor calculates your average heart rate every second, and wirelessly transmits it to a small computer which plays a note at the same tempo as your heart rate.

> The beats don't seem to match my pulse rate

Sometimes the sensor takes a while to correctly read your heartbeat, because of the initial vibrations made when you first sit in the chair. If you sit relatively still, it should settle down to the correct rate within about 1 minute.

> How come the sound doesn't start when I sit in the chair?

The sensor takes a short while to detect that someone is sitting in the chair. If the sounds don't start within about 20 seconds, try moving around slightly in the chair to activate it.

> How come the sound stopped while I'm still sitting in the chair?

We've programmed the experience to last approximately 10 minutes. If you'd like to keep going, shift your position in the chair and the sounds should restart.

> How come the sounds keep playing when I leave the chair?

Sometimes the signal drops out for short periods of time, so we've programmed the sounds to keep playing for up to 10 seconds to cover any gaps. This means that when you leave the chair, your last recorded heartbeat will keep playing for about 10 seconds.

> What's the chiming sound?

The 5 descending chimes play when the experience starts. You may find that occasionally they play again if you have changed position in the chair.

> What are the vibrations I feel?

The sounds are played using small 'exciter' speakers in the headrest, which vibrate parts of the chair to produce sound. The idea is to create an effect as though you are sitting inside a speaker.